Monday, July 22, 2013

Case for a case

The case for using a "case" is pretty easy to make

Use a case for transport. 

NOTE-There are locales that require a case for transport of any firearms, and in some instances they require those cases be locked.  Please do not confuse any of this post with legal advice. That being said, DO NOT bring a firearm through NJ without checking ALL laws.  (there should be an app for a trip itinerary, and see what the different legal issues you might have in your travels)

DO NOT use a case for long term storage.

Sad image from Fox Collectors site.

Monday, July 15, 2013

the 80% rule

It's far too early to think about getting another pup.  I feel guilty for even thinking about it, but I can't deny that having another dog here (as well as a very supportive family and friends) has really made this crappy situation and transition easier.

Emmie has taken some time to adjust, but I think she is somewhat coming into her own as an only dog.  There have been enough deep thoughts about her behavior, and subsequent questions emailed back and forth with a trainer/kennel owner I trust, that I think we are doing the right things to help her establish her new place in the 'pack'.