Case for a case

The case for using a "case" is pretty easy to make

Use a case for transport. 

NOTE-There are locales that require a case for transport of any firearms, and in some instances they require those cases be locked.  Please do not confuse any of this post with legal advice. That being said, DO NOT bring a firearm through NJ without checking ALL laws.  (there should be an app for a trip itinerary, and see what the different legal issues you might have in your travels)

DO NOT use a case for long term storage.

Sad image from Fox Collectors site.

While I don't know if the above picture is actually showing the results of storage in a case, I can tell you it doesn't take long for this kind of effects to occur; especially if you live in humid areas and/or areas with significant temperature variation.

One of the better ways to wile away the time between seasons? 

Post an open ended question to a BBS; some will answer because they're genuinely helpful, others will answer because they want nothing more than to tell you what they think. Being in the former category (I hope) a recent question on the UplandJournal BBS  forced me to think about why I like my SKB cases so much.  Simply put, it's because they help prevent damage like seen in the above pic.

I have had other cases in the past, and before I knew any better I have used them for storage; never again. One day I opened the case to discover pitting and rust on the barrel of the shotgun I had stored within.  I was horrified.  I had oiled the gun. I had cleaned the gun.  I thought I was doing everything right.  Luckily the damage was superficial and some steel wool fixed everything, but still, I wondered: WTH?

Temperature differentials and high humidity.  

-strike 1: I was living in a basement appt
-strike 2: in the SE USA
-strike 3...without any HVAC
-strike... 4?  unvented bathroom
-strike ...5? unvented kitchen

It was a recipe for disaster.

So, what I like about the Dry-Tek bag is that it seems to draw moisture away from the metal. I've never once opened the case to find a moist barrel.

Honestly, it's not such a big deal any more now that I am 'civilized', but I still always make sure that I keep the case closed when I come in from a hunt (unless it's been raining and I know I need to get to my cleaning routine immediately). This allows the contents to reach ambient temp and hopefully eliminate the impersonation of an iced-tea...cold surface in a humid environment.  Even now when I have eliminated most of the strikes the variables, I STILL live in a high humidity environment. Despite being in the SE-it does get cold (at least in comparison to my domesticated home) for at least a few days of the fact I would love some of those cold days SOMETIME SOON.