Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Cocker Nationals

A hearty congrats to Briar and Ray!


Awarded to the dog that has acccumulated the most points in Open All-Age Stakes during the 2012-2013 performance year using the weighted average method of calculation which takes into account the number of competitors in each trial in which a dog competes as well as the points earned for each placement, excluding national placements.

FC Piasa Creeks Briar Patch “Briar”

Owner/Handler:Ray Takmajian

There’s a good account of the event on the MichiganSportsman discussion forum: Spaniel Corner II. There was word that Paul French flying over to document the proceedings for a video production, but apparently that was not in the cards.  Instead a local film crew captured the event and he will be editing it together. Nevertheless, this is something I’ll be adding to my library of esoterica.

Really wish I could have made it, and fully intend to be at the 2014 in PA; just not as a participant…yet. (FWIW Briar is Carson’s half brother)

2013 Cocker Nationals

Monday, October 28, 2013

Something for the freezer

There's are no way to avoid the responsibilities of being a father and husband, at least not in my mind. I'm not talking about painting the house, changing diapers, etc...I'm talking about the fact that if I walk out to the garage and lift the lid I will see straight down to the bottom of our freezer.

The packets of 'training birds' outnumber the "food". That's never good math.

There are still a few packs of venison, but only roasts and maybe a couple packs of ground. Not the cuts that I get all tingly over. Tenderloin? That's been gone for a few months now.  (Nealy always via my famous "Buchanan's Spicy Dry Rub", super hot cast iron pan sear in garlic and olive oil, followed by low-slow in the oven That being said, I am looking forward to try this recipe: Venison with juniper and blackberry-honey sauce)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Deed has been done. Introducing FBECS "Carson"

The deed was done on Saturday.  The newest addition to the stable is a FBECS with the call name Carson.  The introduction to the family was un-eventful, as expected.
There was much jumping and general ballyhoo:
And then a requisite nap:
He has a lot of heart and has made it clear from the outset that he isn't going to be a pushover, despite his age and size. He has been sleeing through, for two nights now, and hasn't had any accidents while in the kennel.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The responsible thing

A recent poll on UplandJournal, if taken out of context, would read like a dialogue between Hannibal Lecter and Jason Voorhees:
maybe I am not as good at it as you. Ten seconds seems like an awfully long time to be squeezing the life out of something, which I find an unpleasant task to begin with.
I carry a nail in my vest pocket and stick it in the back of their head and scramble their brains. 
Death grip.  Squeeze the armpits until it expires.  
Of course this deals with birds that have been wounded, but not killed. Make no mistake, the real sentiment of the thread was overwhelmingly one of compassion. There are few who care about the welfare of animals than the true outdoorsmen.  With that, comes the responsibility to minimize suffering as much as possible. I repeat, it's a responsibility. It's just that we don't ever take the time to actually talk about it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

victim of a govt shutdown

In this age of divisive childishness no one is willing to admit that they might be wrong, or that "the other" might have a point, or consider something which might be inconvenient to their world-view.

It's disgusting. I consider it a sign of cowardice to be unwilling to admit when you are (or might be) wrong and therefore approach life with a sense of humility; but that is the situation we find ourselves in.  Is anyone noting that the US Congress has not passed a budget in over 3 years? 3 years of this crap is enough and neither side is being honest with their constituency. (there I go being political) I won't appeal to a fallacy of middle ground because, well honestly, sometimes there isn't one; but it's quite clear that we have a failure to communicate.

As the chips start falling there are, for lack of a better term, innocents who will be left out because of this latest debacle (from US Forest Service):
  • ASHEVILLE, N.C. – The public workshop scheduled for Oct. 5 as part of the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest management plan revision process has been cancelled. The U.S. Forest Service National Forests in North Carolina cancelled the meeting due to a lapse in federal government funding. 
    In the event that the federal government resumes operation prior to Oct. 5, the meeting will still be cancelled. More information on future public engagement opportunities will be provided as soon as possible.
    The Oct. 5 meeting was scheduled to be held at the N.C. Arboretum in Asheville.