A distinct benefit of working where I do is the friendships I can develop with people from all over the world.  One of my closer friends happens to be of the Germanic persuasion, and is more of a firearms enthusiast than any Americans I know personally.  He has introduced me to many traditions and customs of the Europeans, that many in this country would find difficult to embrace.  

Friends-especially male friends exist in a constant dialogue of barbs, jokes and general competition.  Anyone not participating, or taking too much offense, is immediately suspect.  There's never a coup-de-grace between friends. The jabs aren't meant to be mortal blows.  So long as you understand some thing are taboo in different cultures, and you are quick to learn what those things are-you have free reign in all the things that aren't!

Being of the Germanic persuasion opens my friend up to all kinds of friendly barbs and jabs regarding "efficiency".  I mean-who has time to consider the 'proper' method of coiling a long dog lead? 

Well some people do and now you can too:

As I've said, barbs aren't any fun if someone gets their panties in a wad and my friend is good about this. When I shared this video he was more than pleased.  Finally I was interested in doing things by the 'correct method' and so provided me with yet another option-albiet in a .pdf that I would have to German.... but since I'm an illiterate, culturally hegemonic American (jab our direction)-fortunately there were pictures.

So the barbs are not one sided. Of particular annoyance is the constant refrain that "you Americans never clean your guns".  This is often after a refrain about the HOURS spent cleaning after a trip to the range. My general counter to that is "the perfect is the enemy of the good".

To that end I offer this demonstration from the NSSF; one of the best and most thorough cleaning demonstrations I've seen. Thanks to Steve Rinella for pointing this out in his FB post.

BTW.  The absolute worst, and unfortunately my friend knows this, is when I'm referred to as "you Yankees".  I still haven't found a comeback to that which won't end with me no longer referring to him as "my friend". That's just part of the nature of friendship. I'm sure I say some things that rub him just as raw, but he's too German to ever let me know.