Paying down the it relates to gundog training

I provide wild game and work very hard to do that, but it's a simple fact that chicken is cheap and only a 5 min drive. Hunting is a choice I make about my time, and by definition a "choice" means there is something that doesn't get chosen.  Those things that don't get chosen create a deficit that needs to be paid down to a reasonable level in some way before the next hunting season.

ad infinitum.

When the season is in full swing I guarantee that the leaves will fall at EXACTLY the time I would like to get into the woods-these will get raked by the boy down the street who I willingly pay. I would do so even if I didn't hunt-I hate raking leaves that much. But there are things that I really want to do myself and the 'off-season' is when I get that chance.


When we moved in our kitchen was in desperate need of attention. Unfortunately I can't find a picture facing the opposite direction, but this is pretty representative of the state of things (except I think this picture shows we've painted the baseboards)

Not just outdated-downright disturbingly unhealthy: 
-Tile that was poorly laid; causing it to break and completely missing in spots.
-The counter that is a solid-surface homage to the beauty of beige. Easy to clean with the exception of the cracks which fought our best efforts. How does one crack 1" solid surface counter?  I suspect the original installer cracked them when installing and just left it. There are enough other 'repairs' on the house to make me suspect as much.
-The cabinets had more of an oil surface than an oil-finish.

It's a work in progress, and is still not complete, but we've mad great strides.

First was replace the floor (complete with a proper underlayment. FYI-no, you cannot just lay tile directly on top of linoleum and expect it to last you idiot that I wish I could get my hands on)

Also paint cabinets. Glass faced doors still in the works.

Now lighter and airier: 
Trip to IKEA. Procure butcher block counter stock. Note at the loading dock that it doesn't fit in car so strap to roof.  Did best impression of Jed Clampet meets Fred Sanford while driving down the highway with 500# of oak strapped to roof. (Wish I had a picture of that)

Refinish butcher block (Waterlox-a tung oil)

New sink

Subway tile back-splash


Free up counter space by creating space for mircowave below counter; rewire for outlet

Currently further along than this; grouting is done, and under-counter completed section trimmed and completed.  I Still need to do back-splash on the opposite wall and add some trim.

While the dog has been on training hiatus/rehab it's been a good time to pay down the debt and I think I'm making progress.