You try so hard to love them

I'm trying, I really am; but I am having trouble finding the love for this bad-boy:

(stock photo)Ruger Red Label Upland 12GA
I've always like the RRL.  It's a clean design-no faux engraving, made in USA, mechanical triggers, etc...And the one I have is certainly a beautiful gun, even those not normally enamored with such things say so-mostly I think because it has better wood that the one pictured above.

I sold a good SxS to finance it (my 'one comes in, one goes out' policy (usually one needs to go out first to finance the one coming in))...but I just don't shoot this as well as I would like.

I went to the club yesterday, shot a couple of rounds of skeet, and while I didn't do poorly I think everyone would be better served if I didn't actually say the #'s out loud. It's not like I can truly say my opinion is purely based on a couple rounds of skeet-b/c those weren't the first.  And the skeet field is only an approximation of the true field experience, except I HAVE tried the field experience:

From primarily shooting a SxS to a stack barrel is a transition that most would find relatively easy, and my experience is that most find the reverse to be more difficult. The sight picture on a stacked barrel is a 'singe sight plane' and is what one is used to: a rifle, auto-loader, pump, or single-shot...pretty much anything but a SxS.  

I work for a living, and won't keep a "safe queen", so an 'X' factor that might be sending this one down the road.