The art of Bob Bertram

Having completely matriculated through the modern art education system where depicting reality is never in vogue, everyone is an amateur auto-psychologist/interlocutor forcing others to join them as they work through the myriad reasons mommy and daddy didn't love them enough, or society oppressed their ancestors and continues to deny their "human-ness" because of their mis-appropriated gender assignation...; it's nice to be able to admit that sometimes I just like to look at (and sometime even create) pretty pictures.

In a moment of weakness/strength (because, in art, everything is a dichotomy) I purchased something I'm really excited about, a "study" from Bob Bertram:

I'm not going to try to dissect why I like it so much, but I think calling it a 'study' is an injustice. Do not be fooled by the loose character of the plein aire expressionistic brushstrokes, because while they are not indicative of his illustrations, which are decidedly more formal and illustrative, they show spontaneity and engagement with the 'present'. I could go on, but I'll keep the art-speak to a min.

Bob and his work are well known in the dog community. I have been more than impressed with his openness to inquiry and generosity.  More of his work can be seen on his facebook page.


  1. Bob is one of my favorites, I love his mix of realism and impressionism that locks your eyes onto the subject.


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